10 minutes typing test | Ten Minutes Typing Exam

Whenever you have completed your typing learning course, you need to check your achievement of speed and accuracy as we are providing free typing learning courses in the Olympe and also providing different durational tasks and exams. Here is the 10 minutes typing test to show your level of learning. Please note that it is not restricted to the learner; they can also take advantage of this web application.

10 Minutes Typing Test

Folwing test can be run by inputting the first letter. So, let’s start and see your performance.



We hope that you are happy with your score. Otherwise, participate again and again. It’s free! Before finishing this 10-minute typing test, please check the following expected measurements. It’s not exact for everyone, but it’s a good result.

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Expected Performances

  • A candidate who has completed all the tutorials by completing the task must type about 40o in these skills.
  • The minimum accuracy rate is about 90 percent.
  • The learner who completed the first 10 tutorials of our course must be typed about 300 plus words in this exam.
  • The minimum accuracy rate should be 75 plus.
  • It depends on your previous Practice if you have not completed any course on these skills but spend lots of time working on the keyboard.
  • Students who have completed the typing lesson and practiced continuously for a few weeks must be typed 450 words plus 95 plus accuracy rate.
  • We hope you have checked these and will b take the necessary steps if required.

Why should I attempt 10 Minutes Exams?

The 10 minutes is not a small duration for the exam of the typing skills. It’s one of the standard times for exams. Most of the recruiters take the exam for this duration. Therefore, it is essential exams for this skill.

  • In this 10 minutes typing test, our typing tools will check several things, which is very important. It checks-
  • What is your accuracy rate?
  • How many words can you type in ten minutes, and what is the number of words per minute?

How do you give concentration?

This is an ideal 10 minutes typing test for those who want to take a skill test for the hiring procedure. So, give total concentration while appearing in it because Practice makes a man perfect. Never attempt this 10 minutes typing test when you are bored and not mentally prepared. Because it will harm your speed, accuracy, and correctness, and in the future, it can demotivate you.

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