How much should I  charge to design a website?

Answer: The amount or charge of the website which you have designed totally depends on how much hours that has been put in design of the website. The type of website can also be the factor in determining the charge for the website. Normally the hourly design charges are anywhere between $15 - $20 but it also depends on the expertise of the website designer.

So to sum up here are 10 factors which determine how much you should charge for a website design.

  1. Charge for total billable Hours of designing.
  2. Charge for effort put in the project.
  3. Complexity of the website design.
  4. Charge based on your level of experience.
  5. Stay within the clients budget or charge 20% more or 20% less, do not charge more than that.
  6. Freelance charges ( There are some charge levied by freelance sites like Fiverr, Upwork which is 20% of the total project cost).
  7. Extra charges like Phone calls, tools you would have used.
  8. Stock images which you used in the project can also be charged.
  9. If you have designed mockups, you may also charge for that.
  10. If you have worked in shifts, you may also charge, make sure you have this point in agreement.
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Date : 03 June, 2021