Search engine optimization refers to some basic aspects and important tasks one of which is backlinking. Backlinks help your domain and page authorities to be strong and vigorous. Thus SEO and backlinks go hand in hand.

backlink1.pngWHAT IS BACKLINKS?

Backlinks are also called as inbound links, incoming links, and one-way links. That connect one website to the other. If someone links to your website then you have an incoming link from them. If you link to someone website then they have an one way link from you.


Google had confirmed that backlinks are the topmost factors for search engine ranking factors. And are related to SEO.

Backlinks form the foundation of google’s ranking algorithms and thus forms the vote from other websites. These votes optimize your website ranking and sales and votes that your content is useful, trustworthy, and valuable.

There are 3 reasons that why are backlinks important?


Studies have revealed that link bases rankings are the top 3 factors for google rankings and the number of backlinks relating to the unique website put strong effort towards organic search traffic.

Earning backlinks from some common website or webpages will infer your content worth liking and trustworthy to. Therefore, ranking can be improved using these backlinks.

Remember: Google uses backlinks to determine your online standing.

Collecting backlinks from any site you can get your hands on, particularly if it’s not relevant, won’t do you any favors.

Google uses backlinks to determine your online reputation but collecting irrelevant backlinks will not favor you at all.

According to Ahrefs, Tech crunch is an authoritative domain.

Referral traffic:


Backlinks give you referrals traffic when someone clicks on your high-quality backlinks provided.so in this way backlinks exist to point people to the use and purposeful resources.

A gate for google to new pages:

Backlinks is just a gate for google to find new pages and that’s how google spiders and crawlers find out new streams

Google uses backlinks as a navigation tool to boost up the average SEO work. Thus backlinks refer to faster indexing and higher rankings


A single high-quality backlink can help you a thousand times more than a thousand ordinary backlinks. Considering these traits the backlinks should be bought:

They must be from a trusted and authoritative websites. Considers .com,.net and .gov as trustworthy sites and prominent articles from CNN and BBC are trustworthy websites. If the design of the website is professional, its content is SEO friendly and itself is mobile-friendly than google considers the website a trustworthy one

Considering the authority, you can check out the domain age. The older the domain age the more authoritative it becomes .moz domain authority is the most popular tool used today for authoritative purposes


The backlink should be relevant to your content, if your link is following your niche there will be more chances for it to be clicked. As the google checks out that the both linked websites are related or not.

Do follow links:

Google does not consider the no-follow links and is not counted in the search ranking algorithms. Mostly blog comments, press releases, and paid advertisements are no-follow links but fortunately, many websites provide a do-follow link

Target keywords:

The backlinks should contain the target keywords in the links anchor text. Do you know Google has a filter called google penguin that focuses on the site that builds exact match anchor text links? A good anchor text and match keywords used in backlinks will give you more rankings.

Drive traffic:

Indeed high-quality backlinks drive you more traffic. Remember that high traffic websites will also drive more traffic to your website that’s why these backlinks are usually in the middle of the content.

Wo when implementing your site to referral traffic site aim for high quality domain of at least forty plus years so that you have a better chance of increasing overall traffic to your won site.

Social media relations:

Today google considers how content is being shared among social media platforms .it is a common practice for good marketers to build social media SEO campaigns. Google checks out the relevancy of content is a large amount of content is shared or some content goes viral.so if your backlinks come from a website whose content goes viral then it’s a chance for your rankings to go viral on google search engines.


How to get backlinks?


Guest posting is a process of contributing your free content to another website or blog for a link back to your site. Its a win-win strategy that one gets the free quality content and the other gets a high ranking for website. Most blogs and publications will include a link to your site within the author bio.

Today every established site owner wants to get dozens of backlinks from the famous blog but the best guest post should provide you this great opportunity.so take the time to understand their requirements for successful guest posting efforts.


One of the best ways to get backlinks is to get cited as a source in news articles or online content. The only way to do this is to hire a publicist with prominent connections with journalists and famous publications.

Bloggers and journalist are always finding a new and creative mind so when you get an opportunity to blow your skills

Sometimes you just get mentioned without the guarantee of backlinking and you have to ask the author to add the link to your company site. Today to eliminate the need you can sign up to help a reporter or HARO and can use ahrefs tools for alerts



Broken links refer to 404-page errors. This strategy involves finding broken links to other websites, identifying the content to be missing or replaced, and then offering them a chance to replace their content with yours. Ofcourse that will return to your website.



Skycrapping means writing interesting content on a boring topic in your space and then out awsome it. You can start skycrapping by using ahrefs site explorer tools.

So after understanding the complete history of backlinks I would refer you to buy backlinks for the above-mentioned advantages and thus it is a necessity for your SEO.

Here are some best backlinks websites you should know:

  • Inch:
  • Black hat links
  • Backlinks rocket
  • Seo clerks.com
  • desk

Thus backlinking increases the activeness of your website and you will earn more money band buying backlinks in 2020 will be me effective and useful but one needs a web mastery to understand google algorithms.

Just progress in buying backlinks and tell us what else you need to know about backlinks?

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