Five Minutes Typing Paragraph

A wonderful five minutes typing paragraph has been built for typing learners. Please test it and examine your speed, accuracy, and errors on input keys.

The task for evaluation of typing speed is here for five minutes. Students of the type learning course of Olympe can take part and check the outcome here for free. A wonderful five minutes typing paragraph has been created where randomly appearing words and tests the speed and accuracy. If you need to know your power on the keyboard, then definitely participate in this task.

Paragraph for Typing Five Minutes

Input the first key of the first word of the following box to start the Five Minutes Typing Paragraph to measure your mastery of these skills.



Are you satisfied with your result? If not, we have many recommendations and free resources to improve. You may follow them to reach your desired level of typing abilities.

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How to complete 5 min. Typing paragraph?

You must repeatedly practice finding the errors if you find huge mistyped characters in the test. Generally, this tool gives you the correctness and errors score, but you must look up where you are doing wrong. For example, some of the learners make mistakes in letter combinations. The process is in mind correctly but makes mistakes on pressing keys on the keyword. They do-

Swap letter. For example, Built word type as ‘built’, And and as ‘adn’, Help as ‘ Hepl’. If you are making this error, you must fix it manually rather than using the typing test program.

Late Shift Key Press: Some typists press the shift key for the second letter of the word and like Mango to ‘mAngo’. Not only do they press the shit key lately but also before the first letter. Give attention to these facts while practicing the five minutes typing paragraph.

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