A landing page is the one that induces the visitors to take some actions. It literally converts leads to clients. A perfect landing page with great UX is the one that visitors see and creates the first impression about your product and services.

The UI/UX designers can do alot in achieving the same. We will check out some of them in this blog.

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Highlight the Benefits

The first thing to take care of while designing a decent landing page is to highlight the benefits of your products and services on the landing page.

The visitors should not be looking for the things that they need. Instead, the landing page should highlight the significant features and other attractions.Make use of bullets, headings, attractive images, and animations.

The thing a visitor looks for is how does the product helps my business or life? So keep that in mind while designing your UX interface!

Use Appropriate Images

People love to watch visual images and features. Utilizing this to the core attracts the visitors to do business with you.

Various images can be used to be placed on the landing pages. But the ap test or suitable one is using the image of your product or service.

Also, make sure that you don’t use the images of models and instead try using the photos of real people. The customer would feel more authentic and trustworthy! The visitors of the site will be thus able to connect with you emotionally.

Call To Action (CTA)

CTA s or Call to action buttons are other mechanisms that play an essential role in creating engaging user experiences on your business website. Make sure the UI/UX designers optimize these options to create a better user experience.

Adhere to the UI/UX design process so that all these excellent points will never be missed.

Make it mobile-friendly or responsive

The people using mobile phones for their daily activities are on the rise. So as an employee of a UI/UX design company or a freelancer, one should optimize the interface developed by keeping this in mind. The user interface should be mobile friendly. It should look the same as on a computer screen.

You will find it useful when the landing pages that social media posts and emails point to. It has been found in a recent survey that the majority of people use their phones for checking email and using social media like Facebook. So in such cases, the landing pages advertised through these platforms should definitely be mobile friendly.

Build Trust for your brand

You may seem a little doubtful about how a UI/UX designer can build trust for your customers. Yes, of course, you can. Some of the most common ways are to add testimonials and reviews to your landing page. Usually, a customer feels satisfied by seeing the reviews by other authentic users.

Only ask for the necessary information.

There are individual landing pages that ask for a lot of information from the visitors. It may lead the visitor to bounce from your landing page. Make sure the forms you include do not irritate the visitors. Ask information like name, email address, and phone number. Not more than that.

Don’t Include a Navigation Bar.

It’s always advisable not to include a navigation bar on your landing page. Keep it as a single-purpose landing page. The presence of a navigation bar may result in the visitors moving onto another page with completing the desired action.

In case the designers wish to provide additional information on the same page, then try to place it after the Call to action button. It’s appropriate to give the links in the last section of the page.


Landing pages are very much necessary for better business growth and, thus, higher profits. It’s part and parcel of a perfect marketing campaign.

The idea is to gain business without the visitors getting distracted. Some points to take care of are keeping the landing pages user friendly, focusing on CTAs, keeping the forms short, etc.

An experienced UI/UX design company will be the best one to retort for developing a perfect landing page. Contact one now!


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