One Minute Typing Test- Get WPM and Accuracy Rate

Take part in the One Minute Typing Test if free and you can attempt for unlimited times.

Accurate and Speedy typing always gets extra preference for various jobs. If you have the ability in these skills, you are one step ahead of your competitors. Here, you can examine yourself in just a one-minute typing test. A special web application has been built for the learners. You may test it below by inputting the first key.



One Minute Typing Test Web Application

We hope you are happy with your result. If not, then you may also test yourself in another durational test by reaching any of the followings.

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About the Result

One Minute Typing Test

After completing the exam, you may see some abbreviations and numbers. If you are not familiar with that particular things, don’t worry. It has explained here.

WPM: It indicates the number of words you have typed per minute. However, this is a one-minute typing test, so it’s not a rate; it’s the result of this duration. WPM stands for Words Per Minutes. Please note, in this result, words are counted for each five.

CPM: the number in this box states the number of characters you have typed per minute. The CPM stands for Character Per Minutes.

Errors: Its means you type a certain number of words.

We hope that you got a clear idea of your result and are ready to take action to fix these issues.

Instruction and Specification of 1Min Typing

One Minute typing Test is a simple examination of 1-minute durations. There are a few simple words included in this program. Some other advanced levels of tasks have already been made. You can choose them and examine how good or bad you are? However, the result of this exam is not told enough about your ability. It just gives the indications of your skills. Because-

  • It’s not an exam of long terms.
  • It can not check your patience.
  • Concentration is not checked properly just because of shot time.

How became faster in the One Minute typing Test?

The Olympe always gives you the proper information on many topics besides typing learning. You must follow the following instructions to be faster in the One Minute typing test.

  • Always take part in the exam with proper working devices.
  • Take the comfortable sit.
  • Always take proper spaces between PC/Notebooks screen and keyboards.
  • Keep practicing on touch typing methods.
  • In the initial period of learning these skills, never try to be faster-try to accurate.

These will be helpful to be faster and more accurate e in the One Minute Typing Test.

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