With the smartphone penetration witnessing a massive rise over the years. So business owners today have ready customers any time of the day or night.

So how about building an eCommerce app? Right from knowing the business requirements to deciding the features of your app

Every great business starts with an innovative idea, but as we all know, even the perfect idea won’t be successful without proper guidelines and planning. It might be helpful to treat yourself as an investor. Don’t put a dime into the company until you do complete research on it and a method to get back your invested money and turn to a profit.

Right from the conceptualization idea of your mobile app development to its beta version, there are many important aspects to be noted.

If you are a first-timer to create an eCommerce app, you might feel a bit difficult at the beginning. You might not end up scraping the idea. but don’t lose hope yet. The basis of any eCommerce app development app remains the same. All you need to know is your branding and the unique idea to make your business stand out of the crowd and top in google search engine results will increase the traffic of your site. Some of the basic things that you must know while developing an eCommerce app are the following.

Key aspects of eCommerce app development:

1)UI/UX design matters:

Users are likely to abandon your app if their experience is bad. Always provide a quick interface, don’t include unnecessary information on the first screen. The signup process should be easy, add design elements that give a positive approach, Maintain uniformity for the app using a color scheme, visuals, and image style to ensure a consistent experience for your targeted customers. Focus on increasing the loading speed of the app is an important aspect of interface design.

2)Know the competitors:

Search for the extract list of your competitors in the market and analyze their primary customer bases. There are competitor analysis tools that help you. Do not duplicate their features or their business models, rather research well about the business and make it the best out of your analysis.

3)Push notification:

Push notification is one of the major features that determine the failure or success of your eCommerce app development. It makes a gap between demand and supply.

It increases customer interaction by letting them be informed about the sales, discounts, promotion, and offers it makes them come back to your site again and again. It creates room for cross-selling, leading to higher profit.

4)Hybrid or native apps:

Both hybrid and native apps have their own advantages and disadvantages. Native apps for special platforms. Android apps are native apps. Hybrid apps mainly used for both web and other platforms.

Native apps are costly and take time to develop also they provide a faster user experience. Hybrid apps are easier to develop and cheaper. Always before selecting the app you should know your priorities and meet your requirements. Also, know the cost to develop an app as you need to fix your budget according to it.

5)Social media integration:

You need all your customer attention. You even want their social media time. More than 2.5 million people are active social media users and 54% of them are searching for online products. You don’t want to miss this huge population.

Not only for the one-time login, but Social media interaction will also make sure that your mobile app development company is right in front of customers wherever they are like chatting on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter or searching on Pinterest.

Moreover, this will easily help you to share your apps special posts like discounts giveaways on their social media accounts to get better engagement. This is something better than word of mouth marketing and users will get shares.

Final words:

Consider these points while developing an eCommerce website that will help developers by making sure that they develop the best shopping experience for users. Apart from the mentioned ones, there are many other points to be considered like providing multiple and secure payment options, add a wishlist button, show rating, and reviews, google analytics, etc. That needs to be implemented while working on the eCommerce website. Therefore concentrate on the essential points to build a unique eCommerce website for users.

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