Three Minutes Typing Practice for Speed Check

No dought, practicing typing increases speed and accuracy. Limited-time tasks like the Three Minutes Tying Test can tell you lots of things and give you good feedback on your ability on these jobs. Olympe has made a beautiful Three Minutes Typing Practice program for all learners and professionals. You can taste it for free without any registration and installation of software.

Free Three Minutes Typing Practice

If you are interested to appear in this exam and practice task then input the first key to automatically start. After ending the duration your result will be shown below.

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What’s your result shown in this practice task of three Minutes of typing Practice? Are you happy with it? If not! try to focus on the following recommendation and Typing Test. Hopefully, I would change your speed and accuracy dramatically in very few days.

Is three minutes of typing helpful for accurate speed?

the learn typing sections is created for learning and speeding up on these jobs. So, all of the page has a different objective for learning and applying the method. And the overall target is to provided quality lessons to make perfect in this jobs. Therefore, the Three Minutes Practice definitely speed up your speed and accuracy.

How to be Perfect in typing?

This skill is not very hard to achieve with good speed and accuracy. Just you have to practice regularly followed by the Touch Typing Method.

  • Try out various durational tests like 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10 Minutes typing test and all are provided for free.
  • Keep Parctice regularly.
  • Never try to increase the speed forcefully because it harms your mentality and speed.
  • Sitting positions and device arrangement should be fine while you are practicing typing.
  • Find errors by our testing tools.


If you keenly observesd, you will found in this tool-

  • A detabase of huge wors.
  • Words are appearing randomly.
  • Most used words are listed in this database.
  • regular practice can improve your speed and accuracy rate.

We hope that this Three Minutes Typing Practice task was enjoyable for you and scored very good. Also, hope you will take part other exams also to rech your desired quality skills.

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