Free Typing Test Online in English | Typing Speed Test

Typing is a skill that is so useful in our daily life. The Online typing test speed can determine your importance in this job because speed and accuracy are essential when you work on the computer. If you have any hesitation about your ability or learning these valuable skills, you can measure them here by giving a typing test for free. Olympe has created this beautiful online program for all who need to check. Apart from the exams, you can learn from them on our free Learn Typing course.

Online Typing Test Attempt for Free

Below, we have provided a sample of this task, and You can start it by inputting the first key. It will auto-run, and after a certain period, it will show your result. Let’s start it.

What do you think about your result on Typing Test? If you need more tests, then you can from the following.

What is the importance of Fast Typing?

Who wants lazy or slow workers? If your goal is to be an employee of an office/organization, then you must be faster. Otherwise, other aspirants will select or snatch your job. If you are independently working in your own office or home where this skill is required, you need to be faster for work efficiency and to save time.

Free online typing test

How to become a faster typist?

Practice and practice can make you faster. It would be best if you regularly practiced using scientific methods like touch type on the keyboard. And also you can attempt the online Typing Test to see your progress.

Free Online Learning opportunities

Our goal is to help students who are searching for jobs. Apart from the regular jobs update, we focus on skills development. Learning typing is the first step. We will go ahead and bring other services which will be helpful for the job seekers. You can learn this skill in the specific section. So, take this course for free of cost and practice regularly, and also check your results by taking part in the online Typing test program.

Importance of duration

This online typing test program has made with other minutes of exams, and each task has different objectives. And all the programs determine various kinds of abilities.

One-minute Task

This is the program for evaluation in a short time. It can not say much more about your abilities and gives the idea of abilities. How possible speed can you achieve in the long durational exam? In this task, you can try again and fix your errors.

Two Minutes Exam

This is similar to the first exam, but the duration increases by more than 60 seconds. In some jobs, we need some time to accelerate. If you find that you are scoring something more than the one-minute online typing test, then there is a chance you can be more speedy in long durational exams. Remember, competitive examiners always take long durational exams and see the outcome.

Typing test 5 minutes

It is the ideal time for checking speed, accuracy, and errors. If a learner can score above 45 words per minute, it will be stable, and the same result can be achieved on the higher online typing tests.

The average typing speed

After completing an intermediate course in around 30 days, a learner can type 40 words per minute. However, some of the candidates perform below or slightly high. It depends on observation and reaction methods.

Required Accuracy English Typing Test

You can participate as often as possible in this free typing test task. Always try to be accurate and then try to accelerate your typing speed. No, one will hire you if you have less speed and accuracy. Both are free and important in the world place. You can’t do an excellent job if you work in your own space.

Frequently asked questions on Typing Exams

How to become a fast typist? 

Learning and practicing is the only way to be faster on the keyboard.

How long will it take to speed up 40WPM?

If you start from scratch, it most probably requires 30 to 40 days. However, it may differ on the individual.

Is there any free course available for learning typing?

Yes, Typing provides a free course for learning typing.

Is there any job opportunity for typing skills?

Yes, so many organizations hire their employees on this skill.