Objective General English from Arihant Publishers

Those students who are preparing for an entrance exam or any competitive recruitment exams may be searching for a good Objective General English book. If you are one of them and trying to prepare with an authoritative and reliable guidebook, then you are right place. We have found a famous Objective General English book from the Arihant Publishers, most useful for all competitors. It has written by SP Bakshi.

Best’ Objective General English’ written by SP Bakshi

Genral Objective English book released by Arihant for all competitive exam.
Objective General English

This book discussed the all-important chapter of the subject, so it is required at the point of competitive exams. And the most important thing is that this is very cost-effective in comparison to other equivalent books. Do you want to know which chapters have been covered in this book? We are telling it here.

It is divided into four parts, i.e., ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C,’ and ‘D. Look at below what content was provided?


it also divided into six units, and each unit discussed some topics. All are showing below.

Unit-I of part A: ♣The Foundation of Tenses ♣ Modals and ♣ voice.

Unit-II of part A: ♣ Kind of Sentences and clauses ♣ Clause Analysis ♣ Non-Finite Verbs  ♣ Verbs.

Unit-III of part A: ♣ Article ♣ Nouns &  ♣ Pronouns.

Unit-IV of part A: ♣ Adjective ♣ Adverbs ♣ Preposition.

Unit-V of part A: ♣ Phrasal Verbs and ♣ Idiom & Phrases.

Unit-VI of part A: Spotting Errors Exercises. ♣ Sentence Improvement Exercises  & ♣  Selecting the Correct Sentences Exercises.

** There are Review Exercise and Answers included in each unit.

Part B

In part, B has focused on Verbal Ability, and it has chapters. These are-

♣ paronyms and Homonyms.

♣ One-word Substitutions.

♣ Word with Meaning.

♣ Synonyms and Antonyms.

♣ Foreign Words and Expressions.

♣ The Sentence Competition.

♣Cloze test.

** Also included Revision Exercise.

Part C

in Part C, Sequence of Sentences, and Objective Comprehension discussed.

Part D

in this Part B section following topics are discussed.

♣ Narration.

♣ Synthesis.

♣ Transformation.

♣ Punctuation.

♣ Spelling Rules

♣ Contractions.

And finally, questions and answers.

This book has written entirely in English, and it has about 800 pages.

As it is an objective book, there is no brief discussion on chapters and not enough examples. So it is difficult if a candidate wants to learn competitive English from begging. If you have already covered the School level grammar book, it will be beneficial for finalizing preparation on this subject.

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