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SEO guide 2020

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Seo is becoming the greatest market strategy nowadays. It is ever-growing and is being placed at the top for achieving high goals. Indeed if you want to promote your business and drive a huge amount to traffic to your websites then SEO is vital. You know, hardly the visitors look out the last pages of their Google search, Everyone just plunge into the first five or firsts few searches. Basically SEO is not a straight way jump to see your results in a single day or weeks in 2020 but SEO building takes time but once established the more SEO the more results and the better sales.

In this marketing and digital era let me give you some guidelines for SEO 2020



Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of your website content and positions in organic (non paid) search engines. Seo is about running the right website at the right place. It is not only a perfect structure of your website but the needs of the audience and of course it should be good enough to be linked from other websites

images (3).jpgFactors for ranking up your website

Technical stuff

Technical SEO ensures that a search engine can read your content and explore your site. The main things here are to follow are

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Mobile-friendly site
  • Speed
  • Tech
  • Content of your website
  • Quality of backlinks

To understand this lets have a look at some basic vocabulary you should know before proceeding

What is on-page SEO?

On paging, SEO means optimizing your website through your website contents and from technical aspects.

For improving on-page SEO your website should have

  • A good Meta tag,
  • Title pages,
  • Proper headings,
  • URL structure
  • , SEO friendly content,
  • Structured data,
  • Website size and speed

What are title tags?

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A title tag tells the users and search engines about the topic your particular page contains. Thus the title tag should be placed within the<head> of the HTML document. Every page title tag should be unique and engaging.

What is a Meta tag?

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Meta tags give a summary of the page to the users. A page Meta tag may be up to sentence or two short paragraphs. Like the title, the Meta tag is also placed in the <head> tag of the HTML document.

Goggle may use these Meta tags as snippets and are bolded when they appear in the users’ query.

What is off-page SEO?

Off-page activities cover the website SEO authority by getting backlinks from websites. These off pages SEO can obtained through

  • Increasing page banks
  • Inbound links
  • Email outreach
  • Guest blogging
  • Social media portals
  • Cooperation with the influencers

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White hat refers to stick to guidelines and rules

Black hat so refers to improve rankings of websites in search engine results while not taking the human factor into consideration

Basic parts include

  1. quality content
  2. website optimization
  3. link building
  4. brand building
  5. on-page optimization
  6. keyword research
  7. focus on quality

Basic parts include

  1. Cloaking and sneaky redirects
  2. Keyword stuffing
  3. Irrelevant back links
  4. Comment spam
  5. Hidden text
  6. PBN/link farms.

How search engine works?

Search engine works on these main principles:


Crawling means scanning the website, its sections, keywords, images, headings, and other thousand of contents.

Crawlers also detect al hypertext links on the website that points to other websites.


Next phase is indexing, where the search engine organizes the search results for superfast responses and queries

Result picking

Result picking means digging into the index for matching results and checking of various algorithms against the query of websites. Google companies keep in secret these results and algorithms

Seo issues and recommendations:

Some several issues and factors affect your search engines and improvement of SEO:

Age of domain:

Age of domain refers to how long the domain has been registered and indexed by Google. The older the domain, the more advantages it received.

Thus domain age refers to the Google ranking.

Expiration date:

It is a good practice to register your expiring domain with at least some distance from expiration date because renewing your domain when it is about to expire will potentially weaken the rankings and is not preferable.

Domain length and structure:

Short domain names and URLs are more advisable rather than long ones. Having your domain name following your webpage is also preferable.

Having an exact keyword match domain will significantly increase your rankings.

Avoid of 404 custom errors:

A 404 error gets reported when crawlers’ browse a URL that has been requested to does not exist. Thus having too any 404 error could be a negative feedback to search engine rankings. So it is useful to use 301 redirect pages to redirect the non-existents URL to the appropriate location.

A default custom 404 page is unhelpful for search engines because it gives spiders something to follow even if they run into an error. And help no way the user to find what they are looking for.

Let see how content and which type of content should be used for SEO optimization

download (8).jpgSeo friendly content:

As content is the king of all and Google prefers you to give the users content they are finding out. So the number one job is to produce good quality content.SEO friendly content should have these factors

Factors for great content in 2020:


Deliver out the best quality content for long-lasting

Brainstorming is important for coming up with the great compelling and engaging ideas.

Include all the parts in your content like an interesting introduction, a satisfying body, and a complete conclusion

Strong call to action:

Add some call for the users that promote them to do action what to do next in your good quality context.

Keyword research

Keyword researches the crucial part of a great content in 2020 .usage of keywords throughout your content and jamming your keyword into your body of content will improve your rankings, also make sure that your keywords are also present in your headlines, URL and meta descriptions you know about 90 % SEO content revolves around keyword selection. So smart SEO’s are constantly doing their keyword research.

Updating content:

Posting new content and regularly updating the previous one will improve Google rankings. Keep your Google content fresh by rewriting them and adding new information.

Direct answers:

Write your content so clear that google may pick it up for some answers the user is finding. These answers will show up directly beneath the search bars

images (4).jpgWhat are the best practices for SEO?

These are some best practices to follow for search engine optimization and thus a summary of the whole content mentioned above

  • Correctly describe the content of the pages
  • Create unique and descriptive page titles
  • Use words in your URL
  • Provide version of URL to reach a document
  • Make your site easier to navigate
  • Have a useful 404 page
  • Create fresh, unique, and easy to read content
  • Anchor text for internal links
  • Create alt text for images
  • Use headings cross your pages
  • Reach social media sites community

For other Google’s SEO resources and tools check out

Google webmaster central


Still, have a query regarding any pint of SEO? Leave comment here or contact us.

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