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isUPSC conducts the hiring procedure for Civil Service Recruitment. Those highly aspirant candidates for this IAS and want to participate in the coming future should know the selection procedure and complete the exam syllabus and patterns to prepare well. We will cover all these topics of the UPSC Civil Service Exam syllabus of the Preliminary and Main exams.

Papers and Marks distribution of Preliminary and Main Exam

The selection has been made through Preliminary exam, Main Exam and then interview. You have to clear the Preliminary test to participate in the main exam, and the Clearing Main exam gives you a chance to appear in the discussion.

Preliminary exam: it has two compulsory papers. Each paper consists of 250 marks. (No value of scored marks in the final merit list, it just qualifying in nature).

Main Exam: It has a total of nine papers. First, five papers are compulsory, and the rest two papers are optional. You can choose according to your preference. And rest two papers are qualifying formally name Qualifying Paper-‘A‘ and ‘B‘. And you have to score only qualifying marks. Marks would not be added for making ranks.

♦ Total Marks of the first Seven papers is 7*250=1750.

♦ Qualifying Papers(A&B) 300*2=600

♦ Interview 275.

♦♦ Merit rank will be made based on (7*250)+275=2025.

Repeat: Marks of qualifying Papers ‘A’ & ‘B’ would not be added to make ranks.


UPSC Preliminary Exam Syllabus and Marks Distribution

There are two papers in UPSC Civil Service Preliminary exams. Both papers are MCQ types, and a minimum of qualifying maks is 33%, but top rankers will be allowed to Main Exam. The time duration of 2 hours will be approved for each paper, and there is no value of scored marks in the final ranking. The preliminary Exam of UPSC Civil Service is qualifying in nature.
Subject Full marks
General Paper-I(100 Questions) 200 Marks
General Paper-II(80 Questions) 200 Marks
Total Two papers(180 Questions) Total of 400 marks

Syllabus of General Studies Papers I

♦ Importance of Current event of Nation and International.

♦ History of India and National movements.

♦ Indian & World Geography(Physical, Social, Economic).

♦ Indian Polity and Governance.

♦ Economic and Social Development Sustainable Development, Poverty, Inclusion, Demographics, Social Sector initiatives, etc.

♦ General issues on Environmental Ecology, Bio-diversity and Climate Change

♦ GS(General Science).

General Studies Paper-II Syllabus

There are 80 questions that will be asked in this MCQ type paper, and the duration of the exam is 2 hours.

♦ Comprehension.

♦ Interpersonal skills, including communication skills.

♦ Logical reasoning and analytical ability.

♦ Decision-making and problem-solving.

♦ General mental ability.

♦ Basic numeracy

UPSC Civil Service Main Exam

As we have already told you that there are nine papers are in the Main exams. Five are compulsory and two optional, and rest two are qualifying papers. Two qualifying papers will be taken on the 300marks exam, and all other papers are 250 marks each.
Paper▬▬▬▬Subject Full marks
1.  Easy 250 Marks
2.   General Studies 250 Marks
3.  General Studies 2 250 marks
4.  General Studies 3 250 Marks
5.  General Studies 4 250 Marks
6. & 7(optional papers) 500 marks

Optional Papers

You have to choose two optional Pares from the below lists.

♦History ♦ Geography ♦ Economics ♦ Psychology ♦ Public Administration ♦ Philosophy ♦ Sociology ♦ Political Science ♦ Agriculture ♦ Animal husbandry ♦ Anthropology ♦ Botany ♦ Chemistry ♦ Physics ♦ Civil Engineering ♦ Electrical engineering ♦ Mechanical engineering ♦ Commerce ♦ Geology ♦ Law ♦ Mathematics ♦ Management ♦ Medical Science. And ♦ A language paper.


Paper 8: Qualifying Paper A

Paper 9. Qualifying Paper B

Paper wise syllabus of the UPC Civil Service main exam has provided below.

Outline of Paper I Easy

In this subject, the participants have to write Essays on various topics.
Paper-II General Studies
This paper is mainly designed on Indian heritage and culture, history and geography. Brief details have given below.

Indian Culture: Arts, literature and Architecture from ancient to modern.

♦ Modern Indian History: From the eighteenth century to the present day.

Indian Freedom Struggle: Various stages and contributions of our different parts of the nation.

Post-independence History: 1947 to present.

Geography & History of the world: Industrial revolution ♦ World Wars ♦ National boundaries ♦ Colonisation and decolonisation.♦ Political Philosophies.♦  Effect on societies of the political stream like capitalism, socialism. etc.♦ Rules of Women and Women’s organisation. ♦ Population and Poverty.♦ Developmental issues.♦ Globalization and its effect on Indian societies. ♦ Social empowerment, communalism, regionalism & secularism.♦ Salient features of the world’s physical Geography.♦ Distribution of natural Resources accesses, especially in South Asia and India.♦ Factors of the location of primary, secondary, and tertiary sector industries(World and India). ♦ Important Geophysical phenomena(Earthquakes, Tsunami, Volcanic activity, cyclones, etc.).

Paper III General Studies Syllabus
This paper is designed on the following major topics.
♦ Governance ♦ Constitution ♦ Polity ♦ Social Justice and ♦ International relations.
Paper IV Exam Syllabus of UPSC Civil Service Main Exam
Paper four is known as general Studies-III. The Syllabus of these papers has mainly focused on the following topics.

♦ Technology ♦ Economic Development ♦ Biodiversity ♦ Environment ♦ Security and ♦ Disaster Management.

Syllabus of Paper V(General Studies IV)
The General Studies Paper IV has focused on the following Syllabus.

♦ Ethics ♦ Integrity, and ♦ Aptitude.

Paper VI & VII exam syllabus.
As you know that these two paper is optional and the candidates can choose these.

Qualifying Paper A

The qualifying paper A is an Indian language. Please note this paper is not applicable for the candidate of Hill areas of Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Sikkim state.

In this language paper, you can choose from the list of Eighth Schedule to the Indian Constitution.

Qualifying Paper B Syllabus

This paper is the English language and compulsory for all candidates.


Interview: This is a crucial part of the selection of recruitment UPSC. There are 275 total make allowed for this test.

We hope you have got brief details of the UPSC Civil Service Exam syllabus and pattern of Preliminary and Main exams. To get a time-to-time update of UPSC notification, you can visit the official website(UPSC.GOV.IN). Click Here.

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