Fast Track Objective Arithmetic- An Essential Math Guide Book

An Essential Math guide book is Fast Track Objective Arithmetic, which is applicable for all competitive exams where the question asked from this subject. Competitive Math can be prepared very well with the help of Rajesh Verma’s written Fast Track Objective Arithmetic which the Arihant Publication has published.

It was first introduced in 2012 and very soon became popular among students. The best part of this book is every chapter is discussed very well and presents the core concept in an organized manner. Also, the all-important question has been solved in the traditional method as well as the shortcut method. And the items are arranged from easy to hard.

Book Name: Fast Track Objective Arithmetic

Author: Rajesh Varma.

Publisher: Arihant, Publisher.

First Published: 2012.
No of Pages: 870.

Genre: Mathematics

ISBN: 9789312149836, 9789312149836

Specification of Fast Track Objective Arithmetic

In the introduction, you have got an idea of this book. It will be helpful for all types of candidates. Whatever you want to learn, shortcuts or traditional methods. It is suitable for that student who wants to learn from a fundamental level.

Content provided on Fast Track Objective Arithmetics
1. Number System

Well discussed face value and the place value. Number classification.
Operations on Numbers • Divisibility rules• Basic Number Theory
 Number Series
•Types of Series • Asked questions on the Number of Series
 HCF and LCM

Brief information on LCM & HCF calculation tricks was provided. The solved question presented is beneficial for understanding the topic and competitive exams.
 Simple and Decimal Fractions
• Simple Fraction • Decimal Fraction • Operations on Simple Fractions • Operations on
• Decimal Fractions • Comparison of Simple Fractions • Fast Track Formulae.
 Square Root and Cube Root

A complete idea with the core concept of the Root & Qube Root chapter has been provided. Properties of square root and cubic with shortcut formulas included. Solved questions and exercises were also submitted in this chapter.

In the same way, the following sections also presented the core concept, type of question-related competitive math, Solved question and exercise provided. This Fast Track Objective Arithmetic can learn all kinds of candidates quickly.
Indices and Surds
Word Problems Based on Numbers
 Profit and Loss
 Simple Interest
 Compound Interest
 True Discount and Banker’s Discount
 Ratio and Proportion
Mixture and Allegation

Unitary Method
Problem Based on Ages
Work and Time
Work and Wages
Pipes and Cisterns
Speed, Time and Distance
Problems Based on Trains
 Boats and Streams
 Races and Games of Skill
 Clock and Calendar
 Linear Equations
Quadratic Equations
Permutations and Combinations
 Area and Perimeter
Provided brief information and massive question on the field and perimeter of
• Triangle • Properties of Triangle • Quadrilateral • Regular Polygon •
 Volume and Surface Area
• Volume • Surface Area • Cube • Cuboid • Cylinder • Cone • Sphere • Prism • Pyramid •
Fast Track Techniques to Solve the Questions
• Point • Line • Angle • Triangle • Congruency of Triangles • Similarity of Triangles •
• Quadrilateral • Polygons • Circle.
Coordinate Geometry
♣Straight Lines
• Measurement of Angles • Relation between Radian and Degrees • Trigonometric Ratios •
• Trigonometric Identities • Sign of Trigonometric Functions & • Trigonometric Ratios of Combined Angles.
 Height and Distance
 Data Table
 Pie Chart
Bar Chart
Line Graph
 Mixed Graph
 Data Sufficiency
Fast Track Practice Sets

When should you buy this Arhinat’s Math book?

So you can see that Rajesh Varma’s Fast Track Objective Arithmetic book is a complete math book that applies to all types of recruitment and entrance exams. The shortcut and traditional formulas include a vast number of questions and answers. You can doubtlessly collect this book if you are new to learning mathematics again after school level education or starting preparation for a recruitment test.

Don’t go for this book when you have a basic mathematics idea of a school-level syllabus and can quickly solve all problems. You can get only a shortcut formula book at a very cheap rate. There is no need to spend money.

You can buy this Competitive Book online at a decent discount.

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