Quantitative Aptitude by RS Agarwal

Dr. Rs Agarwal’s Quantitative Aptitude is a revolutionary competitive math book in the current market. It is an old book that continuously changes and adopts the current competitive exam syllabus and pattern. In the Math section of competitive exams, you must carefully give attention. Because it is an essential and sensitive portion, it defines a candidate for final selection. There is limited time allotted for tests, providing the most mark value.

Be serious about the selection of reference books for proper preparation. Today, we will discuss the Quantitative Aptitude book, which Rs Agarwal writes. It’s primarily talking and famous among students preparing for competitive exams. What is in it? And why do students take it on a competitive exam book list? We are going to tell you. Also, we will notify you when you have to collect or not this book?

Quantitative Aptitude by Dr. Rs Agarwal
Rs Agarwal’s Quantitative Aptitude

Book Name: Qualitative Aptitude.

Writer: Dr. Rs Agarwal.

No of Pages: 952.

Publishers: S. Chand Publishing

The specialization of Quantitative Aptitude

If you have seen this guidebook and the math syllabus of maximum S.S.C., P.S.C., Bank, or railway exams, then you will wonder if this guidebook has covered all the required chapters. This book has three sections. Section-wise, all the episodes are provided below.

Section I: Arithmetics Ability

In this section of Quantitative Aptitude of rs Agarwal, all chapters’ core concepts with the solved math and questions will be found.

Arithmetics Ability
♣ Number System.
♣ H.C.F. and L.C.M.
♣ Decimal Fraction.
♣ Simplification.
♣ Square root and Cube Root.
♣ Average.
♣ Problems with Numbers.
♣ Surds and Indices.
♣ Percentage.
♣ Profit and Loss
♣ Ratio and Proportion.
♣ Partnership.
♣ Chain Rules
♠ Time and Work.
♣ Pipe and Cistern.
♣ Time and Distance.
♣ Problems with Trains.
♣ Boat and Stream
♣ Allegation or Mixture.
♣ Simple Interest.
♣ Compound Interest.
♣ Logarithm.
♣ Area.
♣ Volume and Surface Area.
♣ Race and Games and Skills.
♣ Calendar.
♣ Clock.
♣ Stocks and shares.
♣ Permutation and Combination.
♣ Probability.
♣ True Discount.
♣ Banker Discount.
♣ Height and Distance.
♣ Odd Man out & Series.

Section II: Data Interpretationtable

♣ Tabulation♣ Bar Graphs♣ Pie Chart♣ Line Gaps. Presentation of Chapters

◙ All topics have opened with the core concept and many questions and answers with the tricky method. All shortcut methods will help you to save time.◙ Latest ears questions included on a memory basis(Officaly unpublished questions from various recruitment board/Entrance exam-taking Board/committee/Councils.◙ Exclusive coverage of the Data Sufficiency chapter on each topic.

When should you take this Math book?

If you are newly preparing for competitive exams, it will help the proper training of all reviews. Indeed it will scale your Math concept and Aptitude. You can learn traditionally and shortcut both methods. It has about 952 total pages.

But, when you are almost prepared with the traditional method and have good math knowledge, you should choose another book. Other books do not mean in this book has not acceptable shortcut methods. You can get only shortcut math formulas very cheap that the Quantitative Aptitude of Rs Agarwal.

Effective on Exams

Probably candidates will get benefited from most of the competitive exams. P.S.C.’s exams, S.S.C., Baking, Railways Recruitment, IBPS, M.B.A. entrance, and many more.

If you plan to buy Quantitive Aptitude books, this book may have priority on the list. I hope you got a basic idea about RS Agarwal’s Contetive Aptitude. Just search in your local market and start preparing for your upcoming exams. You may buy this book online at a decent discount. We have found a source.

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